Saturday, December 31, 2011

10 Bikes Under £1000 for 2012

Specialized Allez Triple 2012 Road Bike
The Allez Triple is a great bike if you are just getting in to road racing, with a smooth welded aluminium frame. With its Shimano Triple gearing making changing gear smooth and easy. This bike is also good for racers who need a decent winter training bike, to keep the fitness up over the off season. Previous versions of this bike have proved successful and the surprisingly light weight frame seems to be the key. Currently you can get it in any colour, as long as it’s black.
Price: £539.99

Cannondale CAAD8 7 SORA Compact 2012 Road Bike
The CAAD8 7 Sora might have a bit of a rubbish name, but it is good for getting around and using for day rides. If you want to stop your hands from getting too sore, you may want to buy your own handlebar tape as the one with the bike doesn’t hold much padding. Another light aluminium frame, which means you can keep up, on the hills, with some of the carbon bikes. Good bike if you haven’t ridden for a while.
Price: £674.99

BMC Street Racer SR01 Tiagra Compact 2012
The BMC stock has gone up in the past year, with huge successes on the pro circuit, so this slick looking bike will be great little addition. However, with success comes a price and this bike is one of the more expensive aluminium frames on the market. The compact is a good bike to get to and from work, but won’t embarrass you on a club ride either. Despite the name, you can get it in frame sizes, suitable up to 200cm.
Price: £899.99

Fuji Roubaix 2.0 2012
The Fuji Roubaix is a harder wearing bike, inspired by the infamous French race. Perfect if you plan on spending much longer days in the saddle or perhaps training for a big race. Supplier of the now defunct Geox team, their bikes rode to success in the 2011 Vuelta a Espana. Fuji don’t make many models, but the ones they do make are good quality. You may not be completely sold on it’s looks, but few find any fault with how the bikes rides.
Price: £899.99

Cannondale Synapse 5 105 2012
The second Cannondale in this list sports a sturdy alloy frame and a much better name. Like the Fuji before it, this bike proves good on those longer rides and works well as a commuter bike. Its previous edition the Synapse Tiagra sold well, but there were complaints regarding the brakes and gear shifting. You may not want to consider this bike as a racer, but suitable for winter training rides. The cool grey colour might be to everyone’s taste, but it makes a pretty good looking bike.
Price: £989.99

Specialized Secteur Elite 2012 Road Bike
Another Roubaix inspired bike, for those who prefer to be on it rather than off it. The aluminium frame means this bike is sturdy and reliable, but light enough to not restrict you. One complaint with the previous model was the cheap pedals, but that is easily changed and for not much money. The wheelset has been upgraded and as have the gears, to a 10 speed. The Secteur is an easy bike to make transition from other forms of bike riding and looks good to.
Price: £899.99

Scott Speedster S40 2012 Road Bike
The speedster is a deceptively easy bike to ride and the alloy frames makes it good on a hilly ride.  A good Sunday club ride bike and definitely value for money. At under £800 you can spend any of you remaining budget on a slick new kit to match. This is a good middle range bike, for anyone who doesn’t want to harm their bank balance too much. It is a nice design and a good bike, which should do you well for several years to come.
Price: £764.99

Felt Z95 2012
Garmin-Cervelo have sworn by these bikes for a few years now and, this cheap alternative to the pro bike, is good for anyone who is starting to race for the first time. The Felt Endurance Road custom 7005 is light, but strong, and means you won’t be left behind. This bike is built for endurance and would be a good one to pick for a cycling holiday, as well as stage races.
Price: £616.99

Cube 2012 Peloton Race Triple
This is the most expensive bike on the list, at a couple of pounds below the 1000 mark, and probably the brightest coloured bike too. The name is a bit of a giveaway, with this bike proving good in the peloton of your local race. Weight saving techniques have been taken very seriously, even down to how the paint is applied. The decals are applied while the paint is wet, saving those extra few grams of weight. The aluminium frame belies the price and you won’t be getting as much value for money, as you do with some of the other frames on the list, but it will prove a good little run around.
Price: £998.99

GT GTR Series 4 Compact 2012 Road Bike
Going from one of the most expensive to one of the cheapest and this GT is great for people making a comeback in to cycling. A very durable bike, good for difficult rides, and suitable for lower skill level races. The previous model had problems with gear shifting and would occasionally jump down a couple of gears, but there are no indications this one is the same. A comfortable ride and definitely giving you value for money.
Price: £629.99

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