Sunday, January 1, 2012

10 Bikes Over £1000 for 2012

Fuji Gran Fondo 3.0 2012 Road Bike
The Gran Fondo 3.0 is the middle pricing bike of the new Gran Fondo range, so you can get the quality for less of the price. The carbon frame is suited to a regular racer, which should get you through most races. It is a nice looking bike and you will avoid the Geox decals, which Fuji optimistically put on several of their bikes. The chainset holds a 34/50 chain ring, which should be plenty to get you up those hills.
Price: £1,439.99

Wilier Izoard XP 2012 Road Bike
This is a good comfortable bike, which is perfect if you are planning to upgrade from an aluminium frame. For 2012 Wilier have decided to upgrade the gearing system to Shimano Ultegra, which should provide smoother gear changes. It is very good value for money and you won’t find many bike, as good, for this price. The lightweight frame is good for a sportive racer and your fellow riders will appreciate the aesthetics.
Price: £1979.99

Specialized Roubaix Comp 2012 Road Bike
The Roubaix is most expensive bike on the list, but if you fancy yourself as the next Alberto Contador than this might be the bike for you. Specialized have won the Paris Roubaix several times, most recently with Fabian Cancellara in 2010, so this is a race close to their hearts. The charcoal colour adds a nice element to the look of the bike and it will certainly get some admirers. The cassette is a 11-28 ten-speed Shimano 105, while the chainset is a Shimano Ultegra compact.
Price: £2,249.99

Trek Madone 3.5 C H2 2012
This is the bike named after the Col De La Madone, which Lance Armstrong used to test his fitness on. The Madone has always been a safe bet and this bike should be no different; perfect for the serious racer. The soft ride is coupled with good acceleration and you can’t argue with a bike that won the Tour de France seven times. It has a simple design, but still manages to look relatively good. You can expect a middle sized bike to weigh around 16lbs.
Price: £1,619.99

Felt Z6 2012 Road Bike
Felt advertise this bike as Tour de France technology made affordable and they are certainly right about the price, with the bike just breaching the £1,000 mark. A good price for a carbon bike, at one of the cheapest on this list, which provides a nice light ride. Previous complaints have been about the wheels which come with it, but that is easily changed. The Z6 is a good do-up bike, with a decent frame to put on your own additions. This is a decent looking bike, with a similar colour scheme to the Specialized Roubaix.
Price: £1,147.99

Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Veloce 2012
This is the cheapest bike on this list, but also one of the few aluminium ones; they have tried to go for a carbon look. It is a top level aluminium bike, but for a few more pounds you could easily upgrade to a carbon bike. However, the sturdy aluminium frame means that this is a very good commuter bike and good for very long distances. Again, unlike the other bikes on this list Bianchi have gone for a Campagnolo chainset.
Price: £1,124.99

Cube 2012 Agree Pro
The 2012 version of the Agree Pro is a little more expensive than the 2011 edition, which is a little much for the aluminium frame. Different to the Bianchi, Cube have gone for an alloy frame in an attempt to keep it light. Despite the alloy frame, you may not notice the different and the Cube would be a good entry bike in to racing. I am not sure where the price hike has come from, but perhaps Cube realised people were getting a steal with the 2011 version.
Price: £1,448.99

Cinelli Saetta Veloce 2012
Cinelli might not be the biggest brand on the list, but they do produce some good bikes. The Saetta’s top tube has been thinned out, to provide a good aerodynamic bike and the lightness of the carbon frame adds to this. Advertised as a mid-range bike, but is still suited to some higher level races without having to break the bank. Not the most adventurous of styling, but it is not a bad looking bike and can be bought with hints of red or blue.
Price: £1,899.99

Pinarello FP Due Veloce 2012
The FP Due is the upgrade of 2011’s FP2 and, as a mid-range Pinarello, it comes at a pretty high price. With this price you are paying a lot for the Pinarello name and the traditional good looks, but you also get the good build quality. One complaint about the bike was the below standard wheels, which you would expect more for the price. If you don’t have the budget to stretch to a new pair of wheels, you will either have to put up or go for a cheaper bike, and use the remaining budget to get a nicer set. Perfect for a hard-core racer who sees themselves at the front of the peloton.
Price: £2,199.99

BMC Roadracer SL01 105 Compact 2012 Road Bike
The Roadracer does was it says on the tin and is a very good racing bike, but with a hefty price tag. It is not the most expensive on the list, but it get close, despite this it is pretty decent value for money. Good for a club run, but will thrive as an endurance race bike; for enthusiastic riders. Shimano 105 all over and a 12-25 cassette; you can take your pick of black or red and white. As a middle of the road BMC bike, you should be pretty please with the quality and the general working of the bike.
Price: £1,979.99

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